Agro Products

soybean oil distributors in China


GMO and Non GMO Soybean for human consumption- We can supply huge quantity of soybean.

Origin – Brazil, India and Argentina.

Payment Term - DLC/SBLC

Soybean for Animal Feed – Ochnology Solution is big supplier of soya feed in countries like India, Iran, and Egypt etc.

ICUMASA45 Sugar and S30 Sugar supplier in china

ICUMASA45 Sugar and S30 Sugar

We can supply ICUMASA 45 sugar in huge quantities at reasonable prices.

Product origin – Brazil and India

Payment Term - DLC/SBLC

Sugarcane Molasses supplier in china

Sugarcane Molasses

The lighter grades of molasses made from sugarcane are edible and are used in baking and candy-making and to make rum. Blackstrap and other low grades of cane molasses are used in mixed animal feed and in the industrial production of vinegar, citric acid, and other products. We can supply both types of Molasses.

Product origin – India

MOQ - 100 ton

Maximum Quantity - 20,000 MT

Sample can be provided on demand

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crude soybean oil suppliers in china

Crude and Refined Glycerine

Crude Glycerine is used for making sanitizer and Biofuels. Crude glycerol can be refined into a pure form and then be used in food, pharmaceutical, or cosmetics industries.

We can supply huge quantities from Indonesia, India and China.

MOQ - 100 MT, Supply capacity - 2000 MT per month

Payment Term – LC

For price and other details, please contact us

Yellow Corn supplier in china

Yellow Corn or Maize

We can supply both type of corn, the one that is used for human consumption and the other that one is used for animal feed.

Origin – India, Ukraine, Brazil and Malaysia

Packing - 50 KG PP bags in Bulk

Modified Starch supplier in china

Modified Starch

Modified starch, also called starch derivatives, are prepared by physically, enzymatically, or chemically treating native starch to change its properties.

Modified starches are used in practically all starch applications, such as in food products as a thickening agent, stabilizer or emulsifier; in pharmaceuticals as a disintegrant; or as binder in coated paper.

Type of Starches we can supply –

PREGELETINIZED STARCH - Pregelatinized maize starch is used as a binder for briquettes in coal, foundry, Incense Stick and mosquito coil industry.

CATIONIC STARCH - Improves paper machine run ability as well as productivity.

OIL WELL DRILLING STARCH - Drilling Starch is extensively used in oil well drilling to reduce the fluid loss. It is as per API 13A standards.

Oxidized starch - Oxidized Starch finds wide application in the field of paper (coating & sizing). It helps in improving wax pick, gloss smoothness of paper by forming strong and flexible film fiber.

Crude Palm Oil supplier in china

Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and RBD Palm oil/Refined palm oil

We are supplier of crude palm oil and refined palm oil CP8 and CP10. We also supply palm kernel cake, palm stearin.

Packing - As per buyers demand 1 litre, 2 litre, 1.8 litre

Origin – India, Indonesia and Malaysia

Guar Gum distributor

Guar Gum

Dilip gum, also called guaran, is a galactomannan polysaccharide extracted from guar beans that has thickening and stabilizing properties useful in food, feed, and industrial applications. The guar seeds are mechanically dehusked, hydrated, milled and screened according to application.[1] It is typically produced as a free-flowing, off-white powder.

Ochnology Solution is a supplier of Guar gum

ochnology Solution also supplies API grade Guar gum used for oil and gas drilling.


India is the biggest producers of rice and one of the biggest exporters of rice.

Type of Rice – Paraboloid, IR64, Basmati


NPK Fertilizers

India is the biggest producer of NPK Fertilizers.

We can provide at cheapest prices. NPK in India are 100 USD cheaper then china and othervcountries.

Specifications Available - 20 20 20 16 16 16 etc

We can supply both types of NPK like water-soluble and in granular form.

NPK Fertilizers


Ochnology Solution is big supplier and seller of Rapseed.

Origin – Ukraine

Moisture, %, Max 7,0
Foreign Matter, %, Max 2,0
Oil admixture, %, Max 6,0
Oil content, % 36,0


Ochnology Solution is big supplier and seller of Barley.

Origin – Ukraine

Barley big supplier
Grade 2 3
Natural Weight, g/l, min 570 not limited
Oil admixture, %, Max 15/5 15/5
Waste Impurities, %, Max 3, 0 5,0


India is the world’s biggest millet producer and export. Our company is big supplier and seller of Barley.


Wheat and Soft Wheat

Wheat and Soft Wheat flour is typically packaged as cake flour or pastry flour, and is best used for cakes, cookies, and pastries that should be tender and crumbly. It can also be used in fresh pasta, and produces a tender noodle.

Origin - Ukraine

Grade 2 3 4
Natural Weight, g/l, min 750 730 not limited
Moisture, %, Max 14, 0 14, 0 14, 0
Grain Impurities, %, Max 8, 0 8,0 15,0
Falling Number, Sec, Min 220 180 not limited
Waste Impurities, %, Max 2,0 2,0 3, 0
Protein on dry basis, %, Min 12, 5 11, 5 not limited

Castor Oil and its derivatives-

83% of world’s castor oil is produced in India. It has wide range of uses from medicinal to cosmetic.

Castor wax, heptaldehyde, zinc ricinoleate, undecylenic acid, heptanoic acid, heptyl alcohol, heptyl acetate, and ethyl heptanoate are few of the castor derivatives

castor oil is produced in India