Ethanol & Biomass


Ethanol 96% food grade (Extra Neutral Alcohol) - It is used in the production of potable alcohol and also as a solvent and reactant in the pharmaceutical industry and as a carrier of flavour and fragrances.

It is only for export purposes and not for domestic selling, as we do not have storage license in India.

Ethanol 99% - It is used for industrial and motor uses

Ethanol 70 to 80% - mainly used for making sanitizers etc.

Ethanol Suppliers in Rotterdam

Biomass that we supply -:

  • Used cooking oil (UCO) - We have huge supply of used cooking oil. We supply it for the manufacture of bio diesel. We can supply UCO with ISCC certificate from Ukraine. Buyers who can send BCL/POF should only approach. We can supply non-ISCC certificate UCO also from Africa.

  • Crude palm oil - We also supply crude palm oil. Origin – India, Indonesia and Malasiya

  • Cashew Nut shell Liquid(CNSL)

  • The Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) can be considered as a versatile raw material with wide applications in the form of surface coatings, paints and varnishes, as well as the production of polymers . Cashew nut shell liquid is an important and powerful bio-oil whose calorific value is comparable to that of petroleum oils. This cashew nut shell oil is also known as an important chemicals precursor that can be extracted from the shells through different ways.
    Origin of Product - India

  • Napier stems cuttings

  • Napier Grass is highly suitable as an input fuel for both Combustion and Anaerobic Digestion technologies. However, to be economically viable, deployment is typically on a smaller scale.

    It is also the main source for paper production in mnay regions.

    Origin - India

    Ethanol Suppliers in Rotterdam
  • Palm Acid oil - Used for making biodiesel and soaps. Origin – Malasiya and Indonessia.

  • Isoamyl Alcohol - Isoamyl Alcohol is of two types . One is Technical grade and other is food/pharma grade. We can supply both types.

  • Uses- It is an ingredient in the production of banana oil, an ester found in nature and also produced as a flavouring in industry. It is also widely used in chemical industry
    CAS Number : 123-51-3
    Product origin - India
    Packing - HDPE drums or ISO Tanks(as per Buyers demands)

    Ethanol Suppliers in Rotterdam

  • Fusel Oil - It is made from Molasses and grains. India is one of the biggest suppliers of both types of fusel oil. We have direct connection with many distilleries

  • Uses- Aromatic extracts, liquid fuel, raw material for the extraction of other alcohols such as amyl acetate and isoamyl, solvent for paints bases.
    CAS Number : 123-51-3
    Product origin - India
    Packing - HDPE drums or ISO Tanks(as per Buyers demands)

    Bulk ethanol suppliers in Rotterdam


    We are suppliers of B100 Biodiesel. It is used for blending with normal diesel or can be used seperately.

    Fuel ethanol supplier in Rotterdam